Artisan holding blueberries

About Us

The antidote to smelly dog treats.

Our dogs mean the world to us. We’re the type of people whose photo reels are full of photos of our doggos. We LOVE dogs. We care deeply about their health and well-being and let’s be honest, we spoil them, as we should. We love showering them with praise, tummy rubs and goodies. We wanted to create a dog biscuit that was full of real, nutritious ingredients and was irresistibly delicious.

We started with real meats, fruits and veggies. To us, nothing is more important than quality ingredients. We then tweaked and adjusted our recipes until they were just right. Healthy, tasty and with the added bonus of savory aromas. You see, we wanted to enjoy treating our pets as much as they enjoyed it. We’ve all opened a bag of stinky dog treats before, and that is not what we wanted to experience. Our Maple Bacon and Blueberry biscuits smell like something Mom would cook on Saturday morning, our Turkey Stuffing and Cranberry biscuits smell just like Thanksgiving dinner and don’t get us started on the mouth-watering scents of our jerkies.

We are a family-owned, American company that has been making pet food and treats since 1972. We continue our tradition of making safe, healthy products that are made only in America. We hope you and your dogs absolutely love our products.